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Archery Equipment - A Few Basic Terms

Archery has earned quite popularity as a sport. People now, are pretty serious in making a career out of this sport. One, who is interested in taking up archery, needs to just take care of few steps. Firstly, get good Archery Equipment and secondly understand few basic terms related to the sport. The following introduces you to some of the terms of archery.

Adjusting draw weight – the maximum amount that is pulled back while drawing a bow is known as the draw weight. The range to which the draw weight can be adjusted varies from 15 pound to the maximum bow weight. The process of adjusting the draw weight is done by rotating the two bolts on the limbs of the bow. To decrease the weight, the bolts are rotated counter clockwise and to increase the weight the weights are rotated clockwise. While adjusting the draw weight, one must never turn the limb bolts beyond the prescribed limit. The following two terms will give you an idea of the weight that you could pull. This information can be quite useful, if you are planning to buy your own Archery Equipment.

Calculating Draw Length – A crucial step for bow setup is the draw length. The draw length plays a good role in maintaining a consistent shoot. Also an irregular draw length can be a hindrance in your performance. To determine your own draw length, follow the following steps:
  • Stand with your arms positioned out and palms facing forward.
  • Have somebody measure the length from tip of one middle finger to the other across the back.
  • Divide this number by 2.5
This is your normal draw length to shoot off the string. If one wishes to shoot string loop, 0.5 is added to the draw length. On the other hand, to shoot with fingers, add 1.5 to the draw length. The result can be rounded off to the nearest even number for a comfortable draw length.
Measuring Arrow Length – To get the correct length of the arrow, measure the distance from bottom of the nock groove to end of the shaft. The arrow length is useful for selecting the right shaft.

With a clear understanding of the above terms, one is sure to have some basic understanding of how to go about buying Archery Equipment.